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Bingo drawings offer a casual and deliberate way to play, with the possibility of big jackpots. Some people prefer the fast-paced action of slot machines with all their customizable options and ability to gamble at whatever stakes they are most comfortable. Although these games may seem very different, they are all aimed at the same audience of casino patrons. This leads to an obvious question: Why not combine both of these worlds into one thrilling game that appeals both to both traditions?

Gaming Realms tried exactly that with Slingo, a brand new game type they introduced to the UK. Although punters can win in a similar way to other bingo-based games, the spin feature adds excitement. Instead of watching one ball being drawn, you have the possibility to mark off multiple spots every round. Add wilds, limited decision-making, and many other variants to bring your favorite television series to your TV and you have a winner that will delight British viewers for years.

Five Reel Bingo

Slingo combines the best of both bingo and fruit machine action, creating something truly unique in the iGaming industry. The game’s objective is to get as many lines on the 5×5 grid as possible. Every five-in-a row combination earns a prize. The more lines you complete, the more cash you will walk away with. Filling out the entire card will earn you the highest payouts.

The Slingo board is a simple 75-ball bingo layout. Each column contains five random numbers from a different set. The first round has numbers between 1 and 15, while the second contains numbers between 16 and 30, and so on. You can win lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

You can pick the stakes you want from many options on each site. Slingo Riches, for example, offers bets starting at PS0.50 and ending at PS100. The payouts will adjust in response. These games are extremely popular on social gaming apps and sites like Facebook. You can play either for real cash or free. After you have chosen your wager size, click the Start Game button to start your chance at winning a prize.

The details are where the devil is

After you have started the action, numbers will appear in a row just below your bingo card. This is basically a single-payline, five reel slot machine that will determine which spots are marked off your bingo card. A number will appear on each reel from the column associated with it. It will be highlighted in a different colour if it matches any of your cards numbers.

Other than numbers, results are also possible. There is a joker icon on every reel that allows you to fill out any column. The super joker is even more powerful and will let you choose any place on the grid to fill out. You’ll be awarded an instant prize if you hit three or more jokers, including supers, on the same spin. It is similar to a scatter reward in a slot machine. You will get extra spins if you hit the joker symbols, and coins can give you instant cash prizes. The final devil is the one that gives you nothing.

The action lasts 11 spins in most versions of Slingo. You can also earn additional games. After these are completed, prizes will be awarded based on how many lines you have completed on your card. This is how the pay table looks when you play Slingo Riches.

  • One line: 0.1x your initial bet
  • Two lines: 0.2x
  • Three lines: 0.5x
  • Four lines: 1x
  • Five lines: 2x
  • Six lines: 4x
  • Seven lines: 7x
  • Eight Lines: 10x
  • Nine Lines: 25x
  • 10 Lines: 50x
  • Full House: 200x
  • Three Jokers: 0.5x
  • Four Jokers: Two x
  • Five Jokers: 5x
  • Coins: 0.2x

The action doesn’t have to stop at this point. Additional spins can be purchased at the end of the game. The cost is determined by the potential payouts if you reach the right numbers. These purchases are completely optional and may be restricted based on the number of free spins that you have earned.

Variations on a Topic

Although Slingo is relatively new, Gaming Realms has created many variations of the original concept. These changes have a significant impact on the gameplay. Riches is the most traditional version of the game, but many players love the twists and turns offered by other variants.

Big Money Slingo is an example. It randomly assigns different prizes to each possible line win. This means that some combinations are more valuable than others. Others are licensed based upon different media properties. Take Deal or No Deal Slingo. This game combines the classic gameplay with elements from the game show. Random boxes can hold different prizes and the banker may make an offer for the box you haven’t set aside. Some titles are based upon Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor. This allows players to get a taste of top TV shows while gambling.

Slings and Arrows

Slingo is a great alternative to the boring online casino slots and instant-win games. Slingo is a novel way to make bingo and fruit machines feel new and fresh. It’s also nice that you have to make decisions in these games. For example, where to place your jokers can have an effect on the return to player. So good strategy is rewarded. We recommend that you give these machines a shot if you like casual casino games.

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