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Slingo Berserk Game description

Get ready for an epic adventure on the high seas with Slingo Berserk as you search for hidden treasures in the brand new, Viking-themed Slingo Original! Spin the reels to mark numbers from the Slingo grid and lead your brave crew to victory, with Slingos given for each winning line you complete.

Watch as lightning shoots coins into treasure chests at the top of the screen, giving you the chance to activate one of the four generous jackpots!

Slingo Berserk is fully optimized for desktop and mobile use, which means you can play wherever and wherever the mood takes you. Ready to find some Viking treasures? Come on Slingo!

How to play Berserk keto slots online

Playing the game Slingo Berserk is easy. First, you must decide your bet by using the blue bar in the lower left of the screen. Increase or decrease the amount by using the + and – symbols next to the bar.

Hit ‘Start Game’ to start. The aim of the game is to match the numbers on the reels at the bottom of the screen with those on the grid, and each game lasts for 11 spins. You can see the number of rounds left in the small red square next to the ‘play’ button, and each free round is displayed in the green square.

You will win Slingo to mark five points on one of the 12 winning lines. With each Slingo you win, cash prizes increase — your progress is displayed in the blue steps on the left of the screen. Win 11 Slingos and you will be rewarded with 500x of your original stock!

The Lightning Hammer acts as a wild in the Berserk and can replace the numbers in the column above to help you score a winning combination. The lightning streak usually explodes coins into the treasure chest at the top of the screen, too. However, if you see coins flowing down the screen it means you have activated the Bonus Jackpot round!

In the jackpot bonus, you must click on a gold coin to reveal three Viking faces of the same color. There are four different Vikings representing four different jackpots – if you are lucky enough to match three gold Vikings you will win 1,000 of your original shares in the Mega jackpot!

Extra spin can be purchased at the end of each game, and the price depends on the position of the game and the potential of the prize. The price for the next spin will be displayed on the purple ‘spin’ button.

Slingo Berserk characters and features

Before you sail, you will need to familiarize yourself with some of the characters and features that you will encounter in Slingo Berserk online.

Lightning Hammer is an important part of this game because it represents Wild. When a lightning strikes, you will be able to mark any number in the column above. Coins will fire at the treasure chest at the top of the screen. However, if the coin cascades down the screen you will get a chance to win one of four amazing jackpots!

If you activate the jackpot bonus you will be shown a different grid of coins.

If you are lucky enough to find three red Vikings you will win the original 500x you bet (Major jackpot), and three golden Vikings will win you an amazing, 1000x you bet (Mega jackpot)!

The club that looks threatening is Blocker and prevents matches in the column that appears.

The green wheel is a free spin symbol and adds extra spin to your game.

Common questions of Berserk Slingo

Q. What is the minimum I can bet on?
A. The minimum Bet is £ 0.20.

Q. What is the maximum I can bet?
A. The maximum bet is £ 100.

Q. What does Lightning Hammer do?
A. Lightning Hammer acts as a wild game and can replace any number in the column above. It also shoots coins into treasure chests at the top of the screen, and if the coin starts to cascade down your screen it has triggered a jackpot bonus!

Q. How do you win the jackpot?
A. You can win one of four different jackpots by activating the jackpot bonus (as explained above). In this round, you must match three Viking faces of the same color to make a big win!

Q. Can I play Slingo Berserk on my cellphone?
A. of course! All our games are fully optimized for mobile and desktop use, which means you can play Slingo Berserk wherever and whenever your mood takes you.

Slingo game Berserk in Slingo

We know you will love our latest creations with epic Viking themes, graphic onesincredible and very popular Slingo format. Ready to challenge the sea of storms to find real money prizes? Play Berserk keto today for an unforgettable gaming experience!

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