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Now that you know there is an incredible cash prize up for grabs, how will you get there? Well, the Wilds and bonuses in this game can help you with that, plus you can get the chance to choose your own bonus. Yes, you read that right! Hopefully.

See what other players have to say about the game

‘I’m a Slingo fan and I love this interesting slot variant! It has all the familiar characters from Slingo, and some brilliant features like the Win Spins bonus where each round produces a win!

‘Reel Slingo Wealth is by far my favorite online slot. Wild double symbol every line wins, which always helps to give victory a total naughty boost!

I find Slingo Reel Wealth is very easy to play, and lots of fun too! Plus the Win Spins bonus gives you the chance to get your hands on some big wins. This is the best online slot for me so far!

The History of Slingo

The original Slingo game mixed Buzz from the bingo hall with a traditional slot machine, providing players with 5×5 reel slots and grids. Spin the reel mark of a number on the grid, as in a bingo game, and if a row of numbers is marked in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, this is called Slingo. The game quickly grew in popularity, becoming a favorite of companies from the world of online casinos.

As the Smash-hit brand goes from strength to strength, different variations of the game emerge, with a variety of themes. Reel Slingo Wealth is an online slot variant of the game, minimizing the ‘Bingo’ element to accommodate online slot lovers among you! That is not to say that this game cannot be enjoyed by ordinary Slingo fans, because you will find all the familiar Slingo characters on this reel. Why not give a spin today and see what fuss is all about ?!

How to play

If you have played Slingo before, the concept is not that different – you still have to manage your stock and spin it the same way. You will find the STAKE button at the bottom left of your screen. Just click on it to set your bet, and then use the SPIN button to start your new Slingo reel adventure.

Wilds and bonuses

Everyone likes Wild and cheeky bonuses, but the people that this game offers are very special. Want to know why? The Wilds will double each winning line, as well as a replacement for all symbols except the bonus symbol. So, if you are lucky, an extraordinary victory up for grabs in this game can be yours with a little help from your wild friend

Spins win bonus

Have you ever wished that you could choose your own bonus feature? Well, you can stop hoping, because this can come true for you in this amazing game. After you land 3 BONUS symbols on a reel, this feature will be activated, and will provide the following options for bonuses:

  • 16 Win Spins with 2x Multiplier
  • 4 wins Spins with 8x Multiplier
  • 8 Win Spins with 4x Multiplier

Your job is to choose the bonus you want to run. This is hard work, but someone has to do it! The spin bonus in this round is called ‘Win Spins’ because each spin produces a win, so needless to say you can walk away with some incredible Moolahs. Good luck!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.93% which means for every £ 100 bet it will pay £ 95.93

Question and answer

Q: How many Win Spins can I get in the Win Spins bonus?
A: You can get up to 16 Win Spins with 2 x Multipliers! 4 Win Spins will come with 8x Multiplier, while 8 Win Spins will give 4x Multiplier. Remember – during Win spins, each round produces a win, so keep your fingers crossed that you activate the feature!

Q: Are there wild symbols in this game?

A: Absolutely! But not only will they replace other symbols (except the bonus symbol) to complete the winning combination, they will also double every winning row. Very nice!

Q: I’m a fan of ordinary Slingo. Can I still enjoy this game?

A: Absolutely! You will find all the familiar Slingo characters in this game, and while this slot variation doesn’t have the Bingo Slingo element, it offers you a fresh, interesting way to play your favorite game. Plus there are lots of bonus features to help you bag big wins …

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