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Online slots are very popular among online casino players. However, a new type of game has emerged and gained a lot of popularity: Slingo. It was first created in 1994 by Sal Falciglia Sr. (a New Jersey realty developer) who then decided to create Slingo Inc. There are only a handful of Slingo slots available. However, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be familiarity with them all.

This article outlines the differences between the two games, and analyzes the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one is best for you.

What is Slingo and How to Play It?

Slingo is a combination of bingo and slots. It offers even more prizes and bigger payouts than traditional bingo. A spinning reel gives five numbers per reel in a Slingo game.

Below the spinning reel are 25 numbers that make up a 5×5 Bingo table. After you place your wager and begin the game, the reel will spin for up to 20 times. Each time the reel stops spinning it will present five numbers. The fixed number is marked off if the number matches the number in the column. Continue this process until all fixed numbers are marked off.

You get a Slingo when you can fill all five numbers vertically or diagonally.

You have the chance to place more money once your turns are over to increase your chances of filling your rows. Important to remember that the game determines the bet and can change with every spin and each number you mark off.

You can trigger bonus variations by marking enough rows. These bonuses can help you increase your prize pool. It all depends on which game you are playing and each game will have their own bonus mechanics. The mechanics of all bases of Slingo are the same.

Slingo Symbols

Slingo games can have different symbols depending upon the game’s theme. The meaning of all symbols remains the same for all Slingo games.

  • Joker

The Joker symbol acts like a Wild — it appears in the spinning reel, and allows you mark off any number on the same column.

  • Super Joker

The Super Joker functions in the same way as the Joker. It allows you to mark any number on the bingo table.

  • No Cost Spin

The Free Spin symbol on the spinning reel gives you an additional spin.

  • Devil

The spinning reel will show the Devil symbol. This means that you can’t mark any numbers in the column.

Slingo: The pros and cons


Slingo is a great option for anyone looking to play a new online casino game.

Multipliers are a huge pro. They depend on your initial bet amount. Some games have multipliers that can reach x100. If you place a PS2 wager, that’s PS200 you could win from one Slingo game.

Another advantage is that you only have to place your wager once, unless you wish to continue to bet after the initial 20 spins are up. But, this comes with the downside of predetermined wagers that can’t be changed by the user. Slingo vs Slots: Key Differences


There are some key differences between Slingo and slot games.

You place a new wager with each spin in slot games. A bet in Slingo can give you up to 20 spins.

Although symbols are common in both games you have greater control over potential winnings in Slingo because the Super Joker allows for you to mark off your selected number.

Slingo lets you work your way to the highest bonus game, and the steps are clearly visible. The layout of online slot games is slightly different depending on their theme and the mechanics.

Top Slingo Games

These are the most well-known Slingo games. Each game has its own bonus games, slightly different mechanics and themes. This ensures an entertaining gameplay.

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