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Sling-Oh Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum! Transport yourself to a desert island and find a cascade mechanic in the Slingo slot rollers and a 5×5 grid, which increases the number of possible Slingos in each game! Fingers cross you find some treasure …

How to play

If you are familiar with Slingo, this game will be a doddle to play, but it’s very easy for beginners to understand! Use the (-) and (+) buttons in the lower left corner of the screen to set your bet, then press START GAME to sail!

The aim of the game is to rotate the reel slot below the 5×5 grid and mark the number that matches in the column above. If you successfully mark 5 consecutive numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you will get SLINGO!

Cascading Mechanics

Every time you get a Slingo, all 5 numbers on the grid will explode, leaving room for the new box cascade to fall!

Plus, regular matches on the grid also explode, allowing new numbers to spin.

All together now: arrrrgghhh, my hearties!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95%, which means for every £ 100 at stake, it is expected to return will be £ 95.

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