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Slingo Centurion Game Description

Slingo Centurion is an interesting Slingo adaptation of the very popular online slot game Centurion. By collaborating with inspired games, we can bring you all the best bits of the original plus many innovative Slingo twists.

Take a trip back in time to Julius Caesar’s day, and see if you can conquer this mighty game! The goal is to lead your army to victory by lining up the bonus ladder on the left to unlock bonus features such as Reelus Maximus, prizes in the Parade, Caesar’s Free Spins and the road to Rome. Collect Slingos to provide power to conquer enemies, and make sure you are fully kitted out with your armor and helmet so you see the part!

Slingo Centurion online is fully optimized for desktop and mobile use, so you can play whenever and wherever the mood takes you. All greetings Slingo Centurion!

How to play Slingo Centurion online

Playing Slingo Centurion couldn’t be easier. Like all Slingo games, you first need to select your stock and then press ‘Start Game’.

Now the fun begins! In Slingo Centurion, you have ten rounds to match the numbers on the roll with the person on the grid. Slingos is solved by winning the line from left to right. When this happens the bonus game is triggered. These exciting bonus games include prizes in the Parade, Caesar’s Free Spins and the road to Rome, and they all offer different ways to win. You can play it by pressing the ‘collect’ button.

Prizes on the Parade: This exciting feature invites you to hit ‘stop’ on the dancing light on one of the multipliers to win the prize according to.

If you make it to Rome, you will win a fantastic cash prize!
Reelus Maximus: this feature fills the first three reels of the five-reel slot with a colossal symbol, increasing your chances of scooping a prize!
Caesar’s Free Spins: You support the King – the market gives rewards to the most loyal subjects by freely turning to increase their chances of winning.
When your 10 rounds go up, you can choose to buy extra rounds to continue playing (prices for the next spin will be displayed on the ‘spin’ button).
So what are you waiting for? Come on Slingo!

Slingo Centurion characters and features

The Slingo Centurion game is full of Roman-themed symbols that will make you feel like you really are a soldier on your way to Rome! These fun symbols include chariots, helmets and coins plus the classic Jack, King, Queen and Joker symbols found in many other slots. There’s even a Super Joker, who can represent every number in the grid!

Other historical-themed symbols include the Colosseum, the shield and the classic Centurion logo. Crystal-clear graphics of the game and a realistic soundtrack will keep you lined up to beat the drums as you try your luck in this innovative game.

Oh, and make sure you Watch out for The Devil — he might try to block you along the way!

Frequently asked questions about Slingo Centurion
Q: What is the maximum I can bet?
A: The maximum bet is £ 25.

Q: What is the minimum I can bet on?
A: The minimum bet is £ 0.20.

Q: How to activate bonus games?
A: bonus games like Reelus Maximus and the road to Rome are activated by winning lines to get Slingos. Then you can line up a ladder bonus and open this special game.

Q: Can I play Slingo Centurion on my cellphone?
A: Absolutely! All our games are fully optimized for mobile and desktop use, which means you can play wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Q: How is Slingo Centurion different from the original Centurion slot game?
A: Slingo Centurion takes all your favorite bits from the popular slot game and gives a new and exciting twist! The addition of the Slingo grid adds new elements to the Game, and there are some exclusive bonus features that we know you will like.

Slingo Centurion game in Slingo

This Roman-themed Extravaganza is perfectly suited for the Slingo format, and Slingo Centurion is fast, fun and easy to play. Will you conquer the game and go home win? There is only one way to find out! Join us today at and let the game begin!

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